Questions – and Answers, from Director Susan Harrocks

Q: Will there be children in the show?
A: Yes! I’m encouraging children AND their parents to audition for roles. Ages 10+ are desired, but if the parent is active/part of the show, I am willing to have younger children involved with a parent’s supervision.

Q: How many roles are there?
A: The show has space for over 20 roles. We can cast actors in more than one role, though – that will depend on who auditions. There are even some non-speaking parts!

Q: Will the play be like the movies?
A: Not exactly. The script is based on the novel. It has a LOT of similarities to the cartoon made in the 70’s, though, including music!

Q: Is the play violent?
A: There are parts where fights happen (with the goblins and trolls, as well as Smaug), but it will be choreographed in a way that isn’t gory, or scary.

Q: How are you going to create Smaug, and create other special effects?
A: Come and see for yourself!

Comment: I don’t want to act but I want to help.
Response: That’s awesome, and we’ll certainly need that help. Let me know what area you think you’d be best in helping with, and closer to show I’ll assemble our team! (Kind of like the Justice League but it’s The Tolkein League?)
The areas in which we will need other (non-acting) help include:
Costuming (we have a designer, but extra hands in making some pieces will be helpful!)
Fight coreography
Set construction (the set is going to be really fantastic!)
Set painting
Backstage crew (I can’t stress how important this will be!)
Kid wranglers
Sound design
Light board operator