Auditions – February 19 & 20, callbacks February 21

The Stage Company’s April production is Almost Identical, an original romantic comedy/farce by local playwright, actor, and director Vincent Rhomberg, retired Coordinator of Marketing for the SIU Department of Theater and McLeod Summer Playhouse. Audition details are included in the press release which follows and is also attached.

Sam Foskey, Stage Company Publicist


The Stage Company Announces

Open Auditions For

Almost Identical

Written and Directed by Vincent Rhomberg

The romantic comedy Almost Identical is a funny and fast-moving farce that tells the story of twins, one gay and one straight, who accidentally begin to inhabit each other’s lives, a development that builds a hilarious house of cards – a house that comes crashing down on all involved. But in the midst of it all they also learn acceptance and find love!

Performance dates: April 13-15 & 19-22

Venue: The Varsity Center, 418 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, IL

Auditions – February 19 & 20, callbacks February 21, 6:30-9 P.M.

Auditions willl be held in the Gallery Room of The Varsity Center.


Parts for 3 men and 1 woman

PAUL GEMINI* – Gay twin brother, relationship-challenged, struggling artist, tends to see glass as half-empty, thinks of himself as having integrity, a bit of a tortured artist who has lived in brother’s shadow.

PETER GEMINI* – Paul’s straight twin brother, successful, self-assured, self-centered, playboy, embarrassed by his brother’s “lifestyle.”

BOBBY – Paul’s slightly campy gay friend, reasonably practical, kind, quick wit.

ANTONIA – Peter Gemini’s fiancée, rich heiress, Italian family,

intercontinental lifestyle, used to getting what she wants.

CHRISTOPHER – Hunky banker from Oklahoma, down to earth, sense of humor, hopes for love.

* The roles of Peter and Paul are played by the same actor.

Audition will be readings from the script.

A copy of the script is on reserve at the Carbondale Public Library

For more information, contact director Vincent Rhomberg at

About the writer and director:

Vincent Rhomberg is probably best known in the area for his time as the Coordinator of Marketing for the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Department of Theater and the McLeod Summer Playhouse, but his career spans many years. He has directed, produced and/or written nearly 300 productions, ranging from Shakespeare to new works, for theaters including Off-Broadway, regional and summer stock companies. For the Stage Company he has appeared in several productions and directed others, including Nickel and Dimed, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

“I love working here,” said Rhomberg recently. “The people in this area are some of the kindest and most caring I’ve met on my journey. Leaving SIU was heartbreaking, and I am delighted to have the chance to return to do this production.”

His experience in business and administration is nearly as wide-ranging as his production vita. He was a professional dancer, an administrator for a prominent New York City law firm, a project manager for real estate development companies, the general partner for various entertainment ventures, the executive director for a not-for-profit professional theater in Florida(the Public Theater of South Florida in Fort Lauderdale), and the strategic business planner for an art center in the United Kingdom. Add that to a canon of penned work, some 45 plays, 10 musicals and 2 opera attempts, and you’ve got a busy career.

As to the future: “That is always unknown,” Rhomberg says. “I am looking forward to more opportunity to fulfill my dreams, meet great people, like the ones here, and to experience love in an ever expanding and joyous appreciation.”

Mr. Rhomberg holds the Master of Fine Arts degree from SIUC.